Quick action needed

An appeal must be filed soon after the original decision to be permitted, so it is important to act quickly.  You may have as little as 30 days to file certain documents in court.  The exact method used to appeal a case varies depending on the court where the original decision was rendered.  Sometimes the appeal may be sent back to the original court for reconsideration.

Appellate experience to win your case

Appealing a case can be a difficult challenge for an attorney to undertake.  It requires the experience of a law firm such as Kreamer Kincaid Taylor Lipsman Arney & Wait, L.C. that has handled many appeals.  Other attorneys refer their appellate work to us because of our reputation in this area.  We have experience in appellate matters in federal and state courts.

Quality legal research

Our attorneys research the law and get to work developing a valid legal theory to develop the appeal if appropriate.  We review the entire history of your case—including all legal proceedings, facts, documents, and reports of investigation.  Details that may have been overlooked in the original decision are addressed.  High-quality briefs explaining why the decision should be reversed are thoughtfully written and submitted to the appellate court.  The attorneys on both sides of the case may be required to appear before a judge for oral arguments explaining their position.

Defending victorious decisions

We also represent clients who have won a verdict, ruling, or other decision when an appeal has been filed by the losing party to reverse the favorable result.  Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in many types of appeals, including those in these areas:

  • Family law
  • Matrimonial law
  • Criminal matters
  • General litigation
  • Real estate

Accomplished and practical attorneys

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Appellate Practice

Unfavorable verdicts, rulings, or official decisions can occur in any lawsuit.  When this happens, the losing party may have grounds to attempt reversal of the outcome by filing an appeal. Kreamer Kincaid Taylor Lipsman Arney & Wait, L.C. has been handling appeals in Kansas and Missouri for decades.  There are many situations where an appeal is appropriate, such as when: 

  • Laws or statutes were applied incorrectly
  • Important facts were overlooked
  • Issues of constitutional law are involved
  • Clarification of case law is needed
  • Conflicting decisions exist among several courts
  • High-visibility issues are involved
  • Immediate resolution is required